Cellar Door

  • person:so what did you ask for for christmas this year?
  • me:oh mostly cds
  • person:oh you still buy cds? why not just put it on your ipod?
  • my thoughts:jesus christ because we dont all put them on our fucking ipods okay some of us like to have cds that can be held and cradled and kissed and that we can put in a little stack and show off and take out the lyric books and fucking look at the lyrics and cry over them and put the cd in the fucking stereo and have it way too loud because way too loud is just loud enough and then we like to smile at the newness and perfection of the little round disc and we like to cry when it scratches and skips and we like to yell when someone touches the shiny side can you do that with an ipod hmm?? can you?? fucking can YOU??
  • my reply:idk cds are nice